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A new normal demands a new approach. Just in time for Japan’s total tourism reopening, Banyan Tree Group has hit the freshly overturned ground of the travel world running. The group has opened two new hotels in the city and extended its The First Trip package to Kyoto—ideal for travelers who seek to see the city with a fresh set of eyes.

Kyoto Redefined for Your Clients

At Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto, less frill means more self-care. Lucid design and amenities like the Wellbeing Room, where guests can meditate, exercise and practice yoga, are meant for clients longing for a clear head amidst the chaos of city-life. The property’s cozy 25-room makeup reflects this intention; keep the external simple, and the internal shall flourish. Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site built in the early 17th century, sits just across Garrya, hugged by soft greenery and welcome to contemplation by guests who can catch its view simply by sitting across the way in the hotel lobby.

Booking a stay at Garrya with The First Trip package puts a spotlight on the property’s stress-free atmosphere; your clients will coast from the Kyoto Station to the hotel with a pick-up and drop-off service, where complimentary minibar offerings await them in their room. The package’s other perks include two tickets to Nijo Castle and 10 percent savings at the hotel’s French restaurant, Singular, which provides a seasonal dining experience in keeping with the property’s purpose of mindfulness.

The first Dhawa property in Japan, Dhawa Yura Kyoto, located city-center, embodies the marriage of the traditional and the contemporary. The hotel’s interior design and artwork reflect the country’s Edo period, while shops, restaurants and bars pulse on the streets outside. 8LEMENTS Spa might offer a respite to those recovering from the city’s nightlife, or a space to ruminate over the historical splendor surrounding the hotel in museums and centuries-old shrines. Ancient and modern flow between one another at Dhawa Yura Kyoto, a reminder that history is happening now. A stay at Dhawa with The First Trip package might begin with a welcome drink at the bar and lounge, followed by a restorative trip for two to the Kyoto Public Baths.

The First Trip campaign recognizes the unique opportunity of Japan’s reopening, creating two spaces where guests can return to travel renewed, appreciating the classic, while embracing the novel.

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