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Anguillians are #Strong; Anguillians are #Brave; Anguillans are #Resilient is the message that is prominently displayed on the new platform the Anguilla Ministry of Health & Social Development has created:

This new comprehensive site includes all news and updates related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The site has taken on added importance as two cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by the Government of Anguilla.

According to the government, the first positive case is an imported case. A 27-year-old female visitor from the United States, who arrived in Anguilla on March 11, has tested positive. The second positive case, a 47-year-old male resident, was in close contact with her.

In accordance with public health practices for containment and prevention of spread, the individuals, who both presented with mild symptoms, were placed in isolation upon suspicion and they remain in isolation at this time.

The Ministry of Health and Health Authority colleagues have initiated aggressive contact tracing to identify every individual who may have come into close contact with these patients. All individuals thus identified will placed under quarantine and tested.

“The Government of Anguilla has been preparing for the arrival of COVID-19 since late January. To date, out of a total of nine suspected cases of COVID-19, five have tested negative, two have tested positive and two are pending,” according to the statement released by Ministry of Health.

Dedicated phone lines have been created: (264) 476-7627, that is (264) 476-SOAP or (264) 584-4263, that is (264) 584-HAND. Updates are also placed on the website:

As Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, the Caribbean is putting policies into place to help control its proliferation. The current restrictions can be found here, but it is important to remember the situation is a fluid one.

For more information, visit Recommend’s Coronavirus Updates Center at