Travel Unites Us
Photo credit: Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash.

Travel Unites Us, created by two travel industry storytellers with a passion for “helping make connections,” is highlighting the millions of travel industry entrepreneurs and workers who long to welcome the hundreds of millions of world travelers are locked down in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. The travel industry wants these curious travelers to tour their cities, taste their local cuisine and form the bonds of connection that only travel can inspire.

This growing community of travelers and travel entrepreneurs—everyone from local tour operators to travel advisors, bloggers to hospitality executives—is a platform for the powerful stories about how travel is so much more than sandy beaches, famous sites and Instagrammable experiences.

Travel Unites Us, which was launched on March 23 by co-founders Aaron Schlein and Richard D’Ambrosio, began on Facebook with a series of live video interviews that take consumers beyond the typical travel brochure or website content and intimately connect them with the individuals who have built travel businesses to serve others. Travel Unites Us has now launched a website and podcast to further serve its rapidly growing community. A Travel Unites Us YouTube channel is expected to go live in the next few weeks.

Since the community began, more than 30 travelers and entrepreneurs have told their personal stories. It has broadcast live from Dublin, Ireland; Split, Croatia; Vasto, Italy; Yazd, Iran; Manila, the Philippines; Wuhan, China; and a bed and breakfast in the Willamette Valley.

And to help consumers plan their first journey after the pandemic subsides, the community has been joined by some of the leading travel advisors in America, to help travelers understand the value of a great travel planner who can uncover and match their personal travel style with the perfect experiences.

“Stories and personal connections are two of the greatest treasures we bring home from our travels,” said Schlein in a press release statement. “Travel Unites Us helps individuals throughout the world continue to unlock these timeless travel treasures—all from the safety of their homes.”

“Travel Unites Us is an opportunity for travel brands to stay relevant with the home-bound consumers they love serving, through the power of their stories,” said D’Ambrosio in a press release statement. “We’re hoping this platform will encourage anyone with a stake in travel to talk about how the world is an infinitely more wondrous and welcoming place than we are often led to believe, and inspire everyone to travel when it’s safe to do so again.”

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