You’re invited

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yourinvitedGreat Britain is the whole vacation package—from urban hotspots to medieval market towns; from ruined castles perched on seaside cliffs to charming country manors; from garden-framed Kent to music-impassioned Manchester; from Dylan Thomas to Shakespeare. If your clients can dream it, Britain is sure to offer them the vacation of their dreams.

In this Great Britain Travel Planner, we’ve highlighted some of Britain’s best offerings, including its singular destinations, its must-do 2014 events, its countryside enchantments, its cultural and heritage attractions, its culinary highs, and its shopping delights. We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of what this destination offers in terms of vacation opportunities, but we hope that once you read through this planner, you’ll realize that although London is truly magnificent, there’s a world waiting for your clients beyond England’s gleaming capital city. As Sandie Dawe, VisitBritain’s CEO, says, “As an American, if you’ve been to London and you’ve been to the Cotswolds, you might think, ‘I’ve done it all, so why go somewhere else?’ And we want to say, ‘Well, no.’ If you like the Cotswolds, then you’ll like Suffolk, Kent, Devon and Cornwall. If you like Scotland and the Highlands and you’ve been there, then you are probably going to like Wales, or the Lake District.” In other words, when presenting Great Britain to your clients, point them “outside the box”—surfing in Wales, cooking with local chefs in Scotland, antique shopping in Bath.

Welcome to Great Britain—we’re inviting you and your clients to discover a vacation getaway beyond your expectations!