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The numbers tell the story: Inbound tourism to Germany reached a record high for the eighth consecutive year in 2017, that is 3.1 million more than in 2016 and a year-on-year increase of 3.6 percent. And the biggest overseas market comes from the U.S., which had a growth of 8.8 percent over the previous year.

This year, Germany continues to see an upward trend in visitors, with the latest Federal Statistical Office figures showing that 10.3 million overnight stays were made by international guests in the first two months of the year—a further year-on-year increase, this time by 5.2 percent.

Exploring Germany
If you want your clients to be part of those statistics, here are a few reasons for them to head to one of Europe’s most popular destinations:

  • Culinary Germany: Recommend clients head to this European country to try its regional cuisines and local delicacies, including pannfisch (fried fish) in the north, green sauce and Bratwurst sausages in Central Germany, and dumplings, Maultaschen pasta pockets and Eisbein ham hock in the south. The country is also home to vineyards covering a total of some 250,000 acres in 13 wine-growing areas extending from the Elbe River to Lake Constance. And over 5,000 high-caliber beers are produced in 1,300 breweries throughout the country.
  • Happy Birthday, Karl Marx: 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. The eminent philosopher, economist, political theorist and protagonist in the worker’s movement was born in Trier on May 5, 1818. In Trier, visitors can explore the Karl-Marx-Haus Museum, birthplace of the philosopher.
  • Form Follows Function: Next year marks the 100 years since the founding of the Bauhaus. Both Weimar—the city where Bauhaus was born—and Dessau, home to several Bauhaus structures, including the Bauhaus building, will open the doors to brand-new museums dedicated to this style-defining architectural and design movement. (For a more in-depth look at what visitors to Germany can expect during Bauhaus’ 100th anniversary, be sure to pick up a copy of Recommend’s July 2018 issue, where we’ll have a first-hand account.)
  • The Story of Jesus: On May 16, 2020, 2,000 participants will present the story of Jesus of Nazareth—the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Plays. This village at the edge of the Bavarian Alps, which plays host to the 5-hour performance, expects 450,000 visitors for the Passion Play, over half of which will be international guests.
  • Happy Birthday, Beethoven: 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven. The composer was born in Bonn, where visitors can find his birthplace home that is now a museum and houses the world’s largest Beethoven collection. In addition to the exhibitions in the Beethoven-Haus, visitors to the museum will find a studio in the adjoining Digital Beethoven-House for digital collections and a stagefor musical visualization.

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