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Trafalgar has announced its new Master Class, a comprehensive e-learning course designed to prepare travel advisors for the future of travel .

The course takes a behind-the-scenes look into the production of Trafalgar itineraries and turnkey sales solutions, as well as the logistics, marketing tactics and travel expertise that go into creating Trafalgar experiences. The course also highlights how Trafalgar is adapting products and procedures for today’s contemporary traveler in the wake of COVID-19.

“We’ve created the Master Class to equip travel advisors with the necessary knowledge and information to ignite their future travel business,” said U.S. president of Trafalgar, Melissa DaSilva, in a press release statement. “This resource will support advisors in stimulating their business again, with a transparent look inside of our brand, in addition to the meticulous approach we’re taking when it comes to health and safety and travel options for modern travelers today.”

The Trafalgar Master Class consists of five sections: About Us, Real Connections, Real Ease, Who Travels with Trafalgar, and Tools. Each section will offer travel advisors a deeper understanding of the company’s operations, and provide the tools they will need to increase sales and instill confidence in traveling again.

Trafalgar is also introducing several other e-learning resources such as routinely hosting webinars that explore subjects such as domestic travel, safety and hygiene; as well as a refreshed Advisor Reference Guide, a go-to source for seamless selling solutions.

To sign up, register at the Agent Academy here, or if you are a current user, login and access the Master Class here.