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In our commitment to continue ensuring the well-being of our guests and provide a carefree stay, Palladium Hotel Group will provide a new medical care insurance to protect your clients against any unforeseen circumstances from the current health emergency. All guests staying at any of our properties in Mexico, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic will be covered with a new health care insurance to protect them against any unforeseen circumstances related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Expenses for any illness arising during the hotel stay up to €3,000 (Euros)* and for COVID-19 infection up to €100,000 (Euros)*. Includes: medical fees, medicine from the medical care provided, as well as hospitalization expenses and ambulance expenses requested by a doctor.

Medical transfer: when the guest is unable to continue the trip due to the virus and needs to be hospitalized or return home, the transfer will be covered (train, plane, helicopter or ambulance).

Emergency transfer to hospital: if a serious illness occurs that requires immediate assistance, this service will cover the transfer both to and from the hotel and the nearest hospital or clinic. This service would also include medical surveillance if necessary.

Extension of stay: if the affected guest does not have to be hospitalized and the doctor prescribes the need to stay in the hotel, the policy will cover the expenses derived from prolonging their stay and that of their companions up to a maximum of €75 (Euros)* per day for 10 days.

Repatriation: in the event of death, the insurance will organize the repatriation of the deceased and will assume the cost of other expenses such as those derived from administrative formalities among others.

Sending a driver for medical reasons: if due to illness the guest is unable to drive their own vehicle, the client may request that a professional driver or another person drive their vehicle to their home.

Return of companions: insurance will cover any type of transfer of three companions to the affected person’s hospitalization place or habitual residence through the most convenient means of transportation.

This benefit will be offered by Palladium Hotel Group completely free of charge for one year from the moment we re-open each property, while we navigate with this pandemic. *Amounts are specified in Euros, which will be converted to local currency’s exchange rate of the date of the transaction.

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