• Recommend is proud to present the Wellness Travel Trends Survey with the Wellness Tourism Association. We are asking travel advisors to speak on wellness travel, one of the most important segments in the travel industry. We will release the results of the survey in conjunction with a webinar that will feature travel advisors who specialize in this market segment on July 29, 2021.

    Defining a wellness vacation: A wellness vacation is wellness travel powered by a wellness-focused intention. Wellness vacations are typically self-directed with the traveler setting his or her own timetable and schedule. They may also include a wellness retreat, which is a guided, intention-driven, multi-day program with a set or semi-set schedule and hosted by one or more facilitators. The program may include learning and lifestyle workshops such as meditation and healthy eating, as well as fitness activities such as yoga, nature walks and hiking.
    (source: Wellness Tourism Association industry Glossary)

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