Avoya Travel has opened a new Innovation Center in San Diego County, California, to help drive greater levels of collaboration, innovation and growth for the Avoya platform. The new center brings to life Avoya’s mission, vision and values with exciting environmental and design elements aligned to the company’s Avoya 2025 goal of becoming the world’s number one vacation platform.

The Innovation Center will help Avoya continue to attract and retain top talent by creating meaningful interactions and experiences, and to develop more innovative advancements to Agent Power, Avoya’s proprietary agent operating system, along with further platform capabilities that will generate even more Shared Success across all stakeholders—travelers, supplier partners and Independent Agencies.

“We are thrilled to open our new Innovation Center where our staff and key stakeholders can inspire and invent together in an environment thoughtfully designed to embody Avoya Travel’s core values and our mission of enriching lives through inspiring travel experiences as the number one vacation platform,” said Jeff Anderson, co-president of Avoya Travel.

Avoya integrated new video-first technology into the buildout to accelerate collaboration as well as cross-team productivity. Now, in-office personnel can better connect with remote employees, supplier partners and Independent Agencies using video chat and live-stream meetings. The new Innovation Center has integrated seating arrangements that allow employees at all levels increased access to one another with the goal of improving teamwork, communication and collaboration.

avoya travel
Views of the Atrium Cafe at the new Innovation Center. (Photo courtesy of Avoya Travel.)

Employees enjoy top-tier amenities including thoughtful individual workspaces, private phone booths, collaborative meeting rooms and gathering areas. A lounge offers comfortable pods and couches to support a variety of staff work styles and functions. The main hub is an atrium cafe that encourages employee community and wellbeing. Here staff have flexibility, can socialize, listen to music and have access to an arcade, unlimited snack bar and more. The open area can accommodate inclusive company events, meetings and a broad range of functions for all staff and stakeholders. Ergonomic sit-to-stand desks, a new aromatherapy room, game room, gym access and a premium coffee station are also available to facilitate high performance with comfort, convenience and wellness throughout the workday.

Avoya’s recently refreshed logo and color palette are integrated into a purposeful interior design that brings the Avoya brand experience to life. Intentionally playing on the natural light and mountain views, the interior elements create an organic, clean and bright feel to Avoya’s new Innovation Center. A lush living wall will greet visitors, warm wood grains and other features inspired by the earth’s topography, maps and travel give natural energy to the workplace.

Avoya hosted a Grand Opening on Jan. 23, 2020 to welcome VIP stakeholders, including Independent Agency owners and supplier partners to tour the new Innovation Center and celebrate the successes of 2019 and a very exciting 2020. During the opening celebration Avoya highlighted Phase One accomplishments of Avoya 2025, the company’s aggressive five phase growth plan to becoming the number one vacation platform, and previewed some of the innovative Phase Two initiatives.

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