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Specializing in heritage tours to Africa for those wishing to reconnect with their roots, Maximum Impact Travel is capitalizing on the burgeoning popularity of travel to the continent and has introduced a number of new tours for 2024, expanding to new African nations and adding African diaspora tours worldwide.
“We have expanded our tours to new destinations along the African diaspora in Europe and Central and South America as we cater to U.S. travelers who want to learn more about their roots. Our expertise in hand-holding first-time visitors, from booking to homecoming, and dedication to exposing travelers to local African experiences has contributed to our exponential growth since 2019,” said Jay Cameron, CEO of Maximum Impact Travel, in a press statement.

Upcoming Voyages With Maximum Impact Travel

Among the new trips on the upscale tour operator’s list for 2024 is Ghana: The Gateway to Africa Experience, with dates in February, June, August, September and October; Tanzania & Zanzibar – Safari and Island Excursion with dates in April and July; and Senegal & The Gambia: The Smiling Coast with dates in May and September. Maximum Impact Travel is also planning African diaspora tours to London/Paris, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain/Portugal for 2024 and beyond.
Bortianor, Ghana. (Photo by Jeffrey Ofori)
Every tour is steeped in culture and will take your clients to witness Africa’s attractions and landscapes, as well as meet locals as they experience the food, song and dance of each nation. Expeditions are fully escorted and meticulously researched prior to setting the itinerary. Expect off-the-beaten-path “hidden treasures” as well as iconic sights.
The company offers your clients Pre-Travel Orientation, an online course in advance of their trip so they know what to expect and answer questions about travel to Africa; Multigenerational Trips for families that want to bring everyone from school-aged kids to grandparents; and a Commitment to Sustainability that encompasses not only sustainable travel but social responsibility with local staff and more.

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