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If you’re a veteran in the travel industry, you’ve definitely heard of Ensemble Travel Group; if you’re a newbie in the industry, you really should know of Ensemble. This travel consortium works with travel advisors and suppliers to hone their skills so they can increase their sales and profits, and it has recently announced the launch of the Ensemble Training Academy (ETA) for those just starting out.

“While we have several members who have been with Ensemble for many years, we are also mindful that there are many newer advisors who have come into the industry more recently or others who are looking to grow their businesses and would benefit from enhanced training,” said Michael Johnson, president of Ensemble, in a press statement.  “We have always had some of the best training resources in the consortia space and are continuing that tradition with the launch of the ETA.” 

More Details on the Ensemble Travel Academy

Stepping into a new industry can be daunting, but this program is custom-made to lead you through the intricacies of the travel advisor business and the industry itself, with a wide variety of topics that touch on almost every subject. The courses are fully interactive and are created for you to move at your own pace, with numerous resources and downloadable templates to help you along the way.

Among others, sessions include Building Your Business, Salesmanship 101, and Customer Service, plus modules focusing on verticals, including cruise, air, hotel, destination and ADX, Ensemble’s proprietary booking platform. You’ll find this and more on the company’s newly updated Member Portal, which includes several other new programs launched over the course of the year. These include marketing, hotel program, FAM program, branding, spring and digital publications, among others. 

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