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Collette believes the best way travel advisors can sell their tours is to experience them, and to that end, they have created a brand new Travel Advisor Reward Program that will reward you for booking more travelers on their excursions.

“Our advisors are such a big part of what we do each and every day,” said Jaclyn Leibl-Cote, president and chief customer experience officer at Collette, in a press statement. “We want to give them the opportunity to get out and explore the world, just like their travelers do. By offering this reward program, we not only allow them to do that, but also encourage them to share the gift of travel with more travelers.”

Details of Collette’s New Program

Travel advisors can experience the Collette portfolio starting off with a reduced rate of 50 percent, but the savings grow on land tours the more travelers they book within a year. You can, in fact, increase that percentage all the way to 100 if you book over 40 travelers. You will also receive reduced rates for your companions that start at 25 percent off.

Terms and conditions apply, including you must be working as an advisor with an active IATA, you may request a reduced rate on your personal travel on a retail booking 150 days or less prior to departure, and some excursions and departure dates may be blacked out, such as Antarctica, special events or other products the company deems necessary.

The discounts add up fast: With 0 to 8 clients who traveled, you’ll receive 50 percent off land and up to $2000/25 percent off a companion up to $1000.  With 9 to 19 traveled clients, it ratches up to 50 percent off land travel and up to $2,500/25 percent off companion up to $1,500.  When you reach 20 to 39 clients traveled, you get 75 percent off the land portion and up to $3,000/25 percent off companions up to $2,000.  The payoff when you reach 40 to 49 traveled clients is fantastic: you receive 100 percent off land travel and up to $3,500/50 percent off of companion fares up to $2,500.  Even better, when you reach 50+ travelers, you’ll receive 100 percent off land up to $5,000/50 percent off a companion up to $2,500.  Air discount is 10 percent for both you and your companion at all discount tier levels.

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