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Luxury Gold has launched a new e-learning programs, the Luxury Gold Masterclass, which is offered through The Travel Corporation’s Travel Agent Academy. The new program is designed with an interactive and user-friendly modules that provide travel advisors the tools to better sell its luxury guided journeys.

“Our new Luxury Gold Masterclass offers travel advisors the opportunity to become a Luxury Gold Expert and increase their sales through up-to-date information on our incredible journeys, offerings and in-depth knowledge to delight their clients with,” said Jon Grutzner, president of Luxury Gold in a press statement. “Ultimately, we created the Masterclass with our loyal advisors in mind to help them sell journeys beyond the ordinary and we are rewarding them for their commitment by offering eligibility for FAM trips and opportunities to earn discounts on our journeys.”

The platform is divided into three levels; travel advisors can now access the first level, Sapphire. The modules cover an introduction to the brand, the Luxury Gold difference, tools for selling the journeys, and information on the brand’s one-of-a-kind Chairman’s Collection, which consists of VIP experiences curated by The Travel Corporation’s chairman, Stanley Tollman.

To register for the e-learning program, visit For more information, visit And, for more education opportunities, don’t miss out onRecommend’s education programs.