Carnival Amps Up “Why Use a Travel Advisor” Parties

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Group of travel advisors and their super fans waiting to enter the WUATA party with Carnival Sales Team members, Mike Julius, v.p. of North America field sales, Justin French, r.v.p, Northern US & Canada, and Marilisa DeSimone, business development director. (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.)

Today Carnival Cruise Line announced that it’s amping up its Why Use A Travel Advisor (WUATA) Parties to 100 this year.

The Carnival sales team will be hosting parties in more than 25 cities and targeting consumers with the “100 Reasons Why Use a Travel Advisor” message. The parties will take place across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. These parties will help consumers understand the benefits of using a travel advisor to plan their vacation. Advisors are encouraged to bring an existing client, as well as a consumer who is a potential client to the event.

Adolfo Perez, s.v.p. of global sales and trade marketing for Carnival says these events are a great tool for the advisor’s clients. “What we do there is mostly talk about why using an adivosr is a good idea. We talk about the benefits of booking through an advisor. It’s good for them to hear about product, but mostly educating consumers. We are the only supplier doing a consumer-facing.” He adds that clients will be sharing some really interesting stories on how a travel advisor saved the day, or saved a booking, or really went out of their way to make sure that their vacation went well.

There will also be a Q&A for potential clients to speak to past clients on how they worked with a travel advisor and how well they benefited from the service. This year they’re adding something new. “We are adding acknowledgment and some gifts to our members of service attending.” He adds that, “We are very big on military. We just added a new bar aboard the that we’re going to roll out to the fleet—that’s a veteran’s bar.”

If you’re wondering why you should invite potential clients to the event? Well, attendees will also get a special offer at the event that they can then use to book with their travel advisor.

If you want a chance to meet Adolfo at one of these events, he’ll be attending four of the scheduled events: Houston on May 7; Atlanta on July 1; Reosemont, Illinois on Juy 23; and New Orleans on August 13. All parties will be free to attend, and will be held at a local movie theatre from 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., and hosted by the region’s business development manager.

In addition, Carnival will be announcing monthly programs to support the WUATA campaign, which will give advisors a chance to win prizes for themselves and their clients. These campaigns will be announced monthly though Carnival’s Facebook, as well as the WUATA website and Facebook pages.

On the WUATA website, advisors also have access to client testimonials and brochures they can use to promote their services to potential clients.

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