Susan Farewell: Wellness Escapes

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The crazier our world seems to get, the more our clients come to us looking for places they can go, clear their heads and rejuvenate themselves both physically and mentally. It’s all about getting away from the stress and finding rest and nourishment.

We have clients wanting trips where they can eat healthy (but delicious) foods, plus exercise and get all sorts of replenishing treatments. They are searching for ways to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Some are focused on results—in terms of weight management, body toning or looking less stressed.

As travel advisors, it’s critical to educate clients as to what exactly is available to them. Here are some extraordinary options to offer your clientele:

• Spa Mukul—Off in a world of its own on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, Mukul is a five-star resort home to a spa like no other. It is ideal for clients seeking privacy as guests are given their own private Spa Suites. There are six experiences offered, each focusing on a different ancient healing tradition. With the Crystal Temple session, you experience a visual and melodic concert of light and sounds with soothing vibrations flowing from crystal singing bowls. The Rainforest Signature Ritual is a hydrotherapy experience designed to ease all tension, relieve pain and soreness and reduce inflammation of joints.

• Clinique La Prairie—Gloriously set on the shores of Lake Geneva with unflaggingly high Swiss standards, Clinique la Prairie in Montreux is the ultimate clinical spa. Bold-faced names from around the world have traveled here for its anti-aging therapies, its cosmetic surgeries and its extensive beauty and body treatments. It also offers programs for weight management, quitting smoking and better sleeping.

• Aro Ha—A Zen-inspired eco-retreat 40 minutes outside of Queenstown in New Zealand, Aro Ha immerses you in the unparalleled beauty of New Zealand where living healthy lives is the objective. Through yoga, sub-alpine hiking, a contrast-therapy circuit (biking between a Finnish sauna and a cold plunge pool), daily massages and healthy vegetarian eating, it offers its guests the essentials of wellness.

Susan Farewell is the owner of Farewell Travels LLC (, a travel design firm based in Westport, CT. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @FarewellTravels.