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Blue Lagoon Iceland has completed the expansion of the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, which is now open.

The newly opened retreat features a subterranean Retreat Spa, a geothermal Retreat Lagoon, a 62-suite Retreat Hotel, and Moss Restaurant. At the Retreat, guests are welcomed by their individual hosts, and for the duration of their stay, the host serves a guide and attendant who manages itineraries, confirms tour bookings, and provides insight to the local culture. The host will also inform guests when the Northern Lights arrive.

In the afternoons, guests take part in an Icelandic tradition of afternoon coffee and baked goods in the Lounge, and in the mornings yoga is available. Guests of the Retreat also have access to the entire Blue Lagoon facility, and a mile from Blue Lagoon is the Grindavik Golf Course, an 18-hole course that provides preferred tee times for guests of the Retreat. Guests can also sign up for a private excursion including tours to the volcanoes of the Reykjanes Peninsula; a helicopter tour of Iceland; an ATV ride across black sand beaches; or a hike on sprawling lava fields and extinct volcanoes.

Rates start at $1,451 per night. For more information, visit