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Naples Grande Beach Resort, a 474-room resort in Southwest Florida, has a new spa menu featuring innovative, non-traditional therapies and wellness services in its 16,000-sq.-ft. spa. Located in the “happiest and healthiest destination in the U.S.” for the fourth year in a row, according to the Gallup-Share Wellbeing Index, The Spa at Naples Grande has created 38 entirely new services.

In addition to traditional treatments like muscle melt massage and coconut scrub body wraps, The Spa now offers non-traditional specialty treatments with the use of a new Saltwater Float Tank, Cryotherapy Tank, Infrared Sauna, and BioCharger Therapy Machine. One of the spa’s 12 signature suites has been completely reimagined to feature the new equipment for guests looking for a more holistic approach to wellness.

The new and enhanced spa menu options include Salt Floatation Bath Therapy for either 30- or 60-minute sessions where guests can float their stress away in a weightless saltwater bath environment with over 800 pounds of Epsom salt, set to relieve muscle pain, anxiety, and achieve a deep state of relaxation to calm the body and mind.

Guests can also experience or enhance other services with Cryotherapy, a cutting-edge technique that utilizes cold temperatures for therapeutic purposes. Eight different Cryotherapy specific treatments have been added, including whole body, local area focus, cryo-pain freeze, cryo-facial rejuvenation, face, neck, and décolleté rejuvenation, and Cryo-one body slimming, skin toning, and facelift. Cryotherapy treatments range from three minutes to 40-minute sessions.

Spa-goers can also step inside the new infrared sauna for 25 minutes, which eliminates seven times more toxins than a traditional sauna. This service is offered as both a standalone and as an enhancement. In addition to the spa’s expansive non-traditional menu is BioCharger Field Therapy. As the world’s first subtle energy revitalization platform, the BioCharger aligns and balances energy within the cells to make guests feel invigorated, focused, and well-rested.  Each session is 15 minutes or less, touch-free and non-invasive.

“We have worked with some of the top minds in the wellness industry to bring these unique concepts to life and we are excited to offer life-changing relaxation to our guests and locals of the community,” said Yenier Marrero, Naples Grande Beach Resort’s spa and fitness director, in press material.

Continuing its commitment to increasing health and wellness offerings, Naples Grande Beach Resort debuted a complete calendar of programming earlier this year, featuring discounted treatments and fitness classes. More recently, The Spa debuted a new lineup of Ayurvedic treatments, Thai massage, reflexology and acupuncture services.

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