Coming Soon: Four Seasons’ New Private Luxury Jet

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private jet
The new Four Seasons Private Jet's seating.

There’s a new private jet coming in 2021—the Four Seasons Private Jet, which will be part of the new Airbus NEO family.

The new jet will replace the current Four Seasons Private Jet and offer the tallest casings in its class, as well as residential-style lavatories, and a seat layout that makes socializing with other passengers easy. The 48-passenger jet features purpose-built ottomans at each seat that will facilitate guests to have face-to-face conversations. “With a laser focus on comfort and functionality, our aim is to create an environment that encourages spontaneous social interaction between everyone on board, reinforcing the power of connection,” says Dana Kalczak, Four Seasons v.p of design in press materials.

private jet
A new Four Seasons Private Jet is coming in 2021.

The new jet will also feature a lounge where culinary, mixology, and wellness experts from across the portfolio will come on board to host interactive workshops, which will make the in-flight experience a unique and more interactive one. The on-board Four Seasons executive chef will prepare menus inspired by the journey and have opportunities for spur-of-the-moment culinary surprises along the way with an expanded galley area to prep dishes. On board there will also be a Four Seasons Concierge, a director of Guest Experience, a physician, and Four Seasons-trained in-flight crew.

But, there’s also lots that’s not changing from the original jet’s 2015 inception. Guests can still expect for their accommodations, trip itinerary, exclusive excursions, and local recommendations to still be looked after.

For more information on the journey’s offered, visit Additional new itineraries will be unveiled later this year. And, to check out a virtual tour of the jet, click here. For more private jet experiences, check these out.