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Luxury cruise liner Seabourn has migrated its travel advisor website to OneSource Travel Advisor Center, with the intent to streamline the experience of travel advisors and foster business growth.

Seabourn’s newly launched trade website offers an array of sales tools and resources, from meticulously tailored marketing assets that can be personalized to suit specific needs, to convenient access to upcoming training opportunities and the latest offers.

“We are confident that this integration onto will revolutionize how our travel advisor partners engage with Seabourn,” said Steve Smotrys, vp, sales & trade relations in a media release. “Our aim is to provide an efficient, centralized hub that caters to our partners’ unique requirements, ultimately saving them time and equipping them with the best tools to thrive in their businesses.”

Five-Step Migration to Seabourn’s New OneSource Site

To ensure travel advisors have a seamless transition on this new all-encompassing platform designed to expedite access to essential materials and maximize the benefits of this integration, Seabourn recommends the following five steps for travel partners:

  1. Visit Navigate to the platform to explore the wealth of resources available.
  2. Log in with existing credentials: Utilize the current login details to seamlessly access the new Seabourn trade website.
  3. Access Seabourn Travel Partner content: Enjoy immediate access to a treasure trove of Seabourn-specific content, curated to enrich and support your business.
  4. Update and verify profile information: Keep your profile information current and accurate to ensure the best experience tailored to your needs.
  5. Change Default Brand to Seabourn: Under the “My Account” section, make sure to select Seabourn as your default brand to receive specialized content.

For more information, visit