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Royal Caribbean International’s latest installment in their “Making an Icon,” an insider’s look at the building of the Icon of the Seas, is a peek behind the scenes of the making of the Crew’s Neighborhood, the very first time a neighborhood has been designed by the crew, for the crew.

The video takes viewers through creating the home-away-from-home for the first time, giving them a look at where the crew members will live, eat and sleep aboard the Icon of the Seas. But there aren’t just any old quarters.

“Building Icon of the Seas and putting all these amazing neighborhoods and wow moments on there, that’s really the beginning of the experience. But in order to deliver on that experience, it will require what makes Royal Caribbean so special, which is our crew,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, in the press video.

Icon of the Seas Gives Crew More Thank Just a Space to Sleep

With 2,350 crew members on board ready to make your client’s vacation dreams come true, the company made sure each and every one of them would feel their space lived up to the hype of this new class of cruise ship. Designers, architects and company members gave their input into creating the quarters, but it was a group of 1,000 actual crew members who looked at their designs and tweaked them to create the ideal sleeping quarters—and every other space as well.

Said Jay Schneider, chief product innovation officer, in the video: “We really elevated the crew experience [on the Icon] everything from the crew cabin to the crew amenities to the crew spaces.”

The crew neighborhood extends across four decks, and besides the newly patented sleeping quarters, it also contains a redesigned Crew Windjammer, a clubhouse with its own coffee shop, a crew market where they’ll find items from their home countries, a gaming room, a fully equipped gym, an entertainment space with a karaoke bar and outdoor spaces where they can relax and enjoy a cocktail.

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