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Whether it’s a luxury resort with top-of-the-line spa facilities or remote accommodations surrounded by nature, our readers are telling us that wellness travel bookings—from digital detox to a girls’ getaway—are hot. In our recent Wellness Travel Trends Survey, we surveyed Recommend’s audience to gain insight on wellness travel bookings—from the most popular destination for a wellness getaway to what age group is most traveling within this space.

Let’s start with the basics: Travel advisors tell us that travel suppliers get a pretty good mark when it comes to what they offer travelers who are looking to book a wellness vacation. More than three-fourths of those who took the survey give suppliers a grade of B or above in this category.

When it comes to what their clients’ main goals are when traveling for wellness specifically, survey takers say that the most popular reasons are to seek meditation/mental wellness/wellbeing; to recover from a stressful time or personal loss; or to reconnect with self. And who exactly is seeking out wellness vacations? According to our survey, those aged 46 to 63 are the ones most interested in seeking out a trip that will reenergize them. And those who do travel for wellness want to do so with their friends, including small groups such as a girls’ getaway.

Where are they headed to find their inner balance? The Caribbean, Mexico and even their own backyard, with the U.S. quite popular among this set. Makes sense with the array of wellness-focused properties sprinkled across the U.S. And of course, the Caribbean and Mexico, with their long stretches of stunning beaches, are ideal places to relax, disconnect and refresh.

And when they get there, the accommodations they are most seeking out are top-of-the-line luxury resorts with spa facilities; one with access to many outdoor activities; and remote accommodations surrounded by nature. During their vacation, they’re seeking out retreats with visiting masters who lead workshops.

So how many nights should you be recommending if your clients are looking to book a wellness vacation? About four to six nights say more than 65 percent of survey respondents.

Essential Must-Haves for a Wellness Getaway

So, what can wellness vacationers not live without? Our readers say that their clients need a variety of healthy food options; a range of fitness activities; and spa treatments. In fact, survey takers point out that menus that cater to an array of dietary needs are “very important” for suppliers to offer. And travelers, according to our survey, are willing to spend $3,000 to $5,000 on average for their pampered week.

What about clients who want to seek out wellbeing during a cruise vacation? Survey takers say that it’s “very important” for cruise lines to offer in-depth wellness offerings. Many are definitely upping their ante when it comes to wellness, and we reported on this in the July/August issue.

Note to you: A company’s sustainability practice is “very important” in your client’s vacation decision making, because if you’re seeking wellness in your life, you certainly want wellness for the world.


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