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Scrap the acrobatics! Cirque du Soleil is embracing a whole new realm of thrills with its newest show, “R.U.N,” set to debut in Vegas Oct. 24 at Luxor. Rather than going with its world-renowned acrobatics, the famous circus troupe turned entertainment behemoth is bringing something completely new to the Las Vegas entertainment landscape, offering viewers an immersive show that’s filled with stunts and is, as Cirque representatives told media during a sneak preview of the show during this month’s Virtuoso Travel Week, “much more story-driven than a traditional Cirque show.”

According to Cirque reps, Chapter 2 is replete with fire-packed action.

Composed of eight chapters, the show, based in the Cirque’s version of “Sin City,” is formatted like a graphic novel with street gangs, hitmen, graffiti, torture, and live car action, all tied together, as in graphic novels, by the hero’s inner monologue, which the audience is privy to. The costumes, too, play up the graphic novel ambiance, with contemporary streetwear rather than traditional Cirque costumes. And for that proverbial cherry on top—famed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is writing the piece with Cirque.

Chapter 5 is, according to Cirque reps, where the stage is set for the show’s horror stunts.

According to Cirque representatives, there’ll be lots of “fire on stage; motorcycle stunts; horror stunts (remember that torture chamber?); a live camera feed directly from the stage; underwater scenes; and car chases….even a wedding.”

The show’s contemporary streetwear.

Before you think you’ll only be able to recommend this show to those clients who seek out “dark shows,” the Cirque reps are quick to point out that the show is not “all doom and gloom. We are not going after a specific demographic. We want to diversify what Cirque can do. This is just another way to tell the story. It’s a film noir in color.”

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