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It’s never too early to book a polar adventure, and Silversea has just unboxed new 2024/25 itineraries to over 125 remote destinations you’ll need to wear a coat for. Your clients will be able to choose from adventures across Antarctica, the Arctic, the British Isles and Iceland aboard the line’s newest ultra-luxury ship, Silver Endeavor. 

“Thanks to her strong ice capabilities, Silver Endeavour will undertake 27 voyages to some of the most remote destinations across Antarctica, the Arctic, the British Isles, and Iceland between April 2024 and February 2025,” said Conrad Combrink, svp Expeditions, Destination and Itinerary Management, Silversea Cruises, in a press statement. “As well as strengthening Silversea’s position as the leading ultra-luxury and expedition cruise line, Silver Endeavour’s new 2024/2025 voyages will broaden the industry’s most diverse polar offering, as the ship ventures off the beaten track to offer Silversea’s guests the complete expedition experience. Travelers will enjoy seamless connections, complete comfort, and unparalleled service from the start of their journeys to the end—facilitated by Silversea’s unique partnerships, wealth of research, and destination expertise.”

Take a Peek at the New Silversea Itineraries

The ultra-luxe adventures aboard the Silver Endeavour include 6- to 21-day sailings. These will include four voyages to the British Isles and Iceland, including two 14-day itineraries in the spring of 2024, followed by deployment to the Arctic in the summer.

On June 1, 2024, Silver Endeavour will start the first of nine trips to the Arctic with sailings that range from 10 to 16 days. Your clients will also have the extraordinary opportunity to combine several voyages for a total of 67 days of adventure between July 15 and September 19. This extended itinerary will include immersive explorations of Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic.

The ship will return to Antarctica at the end of October with a planned 14 voyages to the White Continent and itineraries ranging from 6 to 21 days. If you have clients pressed for time, don’t forget Silversea’s Antarctica Bridge option, where they can fly into Antarctica on European business-class flights for an adventure-filled 6-day trip.

The ultra-luxury Silversea Endeavour only accommodates 200 and is a Polar Class 6 vessel with cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art amenities and some of the industry’s most spacious all-balcony suites with butler service for each one

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