“With the debut of Crystal Skye,” said Edie Rodriguez, CEO and president of Crystal Luxury Corporation, Ltd.– Crystal Cruises, during a media tour of the company’s 88-seat, uber-luxe Boeing 777 200LR, “we are carrying over the Crystal experience to the sky. This is a very special experience.” Special indeed.

Leather seats? Check. Skye butlers? That’s a given when you are flying on a Crystal aircraft. Cashmere blankets and goose down pillows? Why of course. Global WiFi, spa-like bathrooms with relaxing music, and a social lounge that mirrors a six-star resort experience? Check, check and check.

CrystalSkye Lounge
Social lounge designed for optimum gathering space for guests to enjoy cocktails and small bites in flight.

There’s nothing like the Crystal Skye, said Rodriguez. “We now have an iconic aircraft like none other. If you are in the market for this type of aircraft this is the only option. And what an option.”

Options. This is one of the elements that makes this aircraft so special. The charterer can customize to their heart’s content—they can bring their own chef on board to make the meals during long-haul flights (although they’ll definitely want to try the Michelin-inspired meals created by South African chef Francois Van Zyl, who said that “I like to give passengers the flavor the destination they are departing”); they can even request a TV channel to broadcast shows specific to their interest; and they can, of course, bring their favorite wine(s) on board, although the aircraft does feature a wine collection, and there is, of course, a wine cellar.

CrystalSkye bathroom
One of six bathrooms on board.

Some of the other highlights your clients will want to know about:

  • An international crew of 20 that speaks about 34 languages
  • Guests are each permitted three complimentary checked bags, not exceeding 70 lbs. each, plus one carry on bag, not exceeding 45 inches overall. One personal item (purse, laptop bag etc.) is also permitted
  • 88 seats, customized from standard 380
  • 25-inch backseat screens
  • Handcrafted Crystal VIP carpet throughout the aircraft cabin (it’s like walking on a cloud)
  • Meals are served either Western- or Eastern-style
  • Lounge fits up to
  • Dining/lounge tables flip to become gaming tables
  • There’s afternoon tea buffet
  • Six bathrooms
  • And one of the most important things to note, every seat has a window as seats are configured in such a way that a passenger can’t block another passenger’s view should they wish to look through the window; seats are configured in a 2x2x2 format.
  • Two persons can walk down the aisle simultaneously
  • Aircraft is capable of flying 19.5 hours
  • Your clients can go on a whirlwind shopping tour and bring it all back on board as it’s “all allowable and included,” said Rodriguez.

    Flat-bed seating.

Now, the fun part—how great will this be for your bottom line. Rodriguez said you can’t “paint in broad strokes because the cost depends on the time of year, the itinerary,” but as a sample, she mentioned “$55,000 per hour, and a New York to Paris trip would cost approximately $475,000.” But she emphasized, that’s pretty reasonable when you compare taking 88 persons on a first class seat to a destination. And, as Rodriguez said, on this aircraft, “we can do whatever they want, whatever their budget.”

If you’ve worked with Crystal before you know quotes can be turned around in about 24 hours, and if it’s a very complicated itinerary, “no more than a week,” said Rodriguez. “We are very happy with the demand for this,” she said.

For more information on this beauty, visit crystalcruises.com/aircruises.