Avoya Travel Steps Into 2024 With New Initiatives

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Jeff Anderson, Mike Anderson, and Ian Woodward announce technology enhancements to Agent Power™ during General Session at the 2023 Avoya Travel Conference. Left to Right: Jeff Anderson, Co-CEO of Avoya Travel; Mike Anderson, Co-CEO of Avoya Travel; and Ian Woodward, Senior Director of Product Development at Avoya Travel.

As we step into 2024, we wanted to recap a few of the forward-thinking initiatives Avoya Travel is implementing for its IAs to help grow their business and, as Avoya Travel’s co-CEO Jeff Anderson, said, “build the host agency of the future.” In fact, in looking at the coming months, Anderson noted that “we have a pretty ambitious vision to what Avoya should be bringing to the marketplace.”

The network has had extraordinary growth this year—in August alone, as noted during the 2023 Avoya Travel Conference, which took place in late September, they welcomed 90 agencies, approximately 80 of those new to travel. He said that departures for 2024 are incredibly high, noting that, “we’re rebuilding something that was working really well in 2019. I think we’re a little slower than our competitors—a lot of moving parts and pieces and new talent to catapult us significantly beyond market growth.”

Several of the big announcements for the network that will push them ahead in the coming year include new technology within its suite of proprietary SaaS offerings, including enhancements to Live Lead information in the Agent Power CRM; an upgraded version of the Avoya Connect app allowing for increased customer communication capabilities optimized for crossover between desktop, phone, and tablet; and changes to its booking software Cruise Explorer. It was also unveiled that Avoya Flights will be upgraded with new features to streamline and simplify the booking process, and that the highly anticipated Avoya Travel Insurance app is entering beta.

Other major advancements included increased marketing capabilities through a dynamic new interface for The Avoya Traveler quarterly eMagazine, the ability for IAs to further utilize direct mail, and the upcoming launch of Avoya Trusted Advisors profiles, which will provide a compelling view/story of each advisor’s unique expertise, experiences, reviews and much more in a detailed way.

Advisor Profile Gets Updated

Regarding the updated Avoya Trusted Advisors profile, Anderson noted during conference that “it was time for a modernization. We scoured lots of different industries to see the best way for a salesperson or a business owner to have a really compelling profile that helps customers get to know them a little bit better and start building that trust.” Highlights include an expertise area; the ‘my favorite’ section where IAs can include things they like to do when they travel such as favorite foods; a reviews section; “office” hours; languages spoken; awards and certifications an IA might have; and specialty niches. Of note, IAs can add “compelling imagery” that showcases to clients their expertise from first-hand knowledge.

For advisors looking to join a host agency, Anderson said: “The vast majority of our network growth is coming from ‘new to travel’ and we’re super proud of this. I think that there’s almost nothing more important than bringing great people into this business because there’s so much opportunity.”

For more information, visit avoyanetwork.com.