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Bermuda Tourism Authority and Visit Lauderdale are coming together in a new partnership designed to highlight both destinations’ yachting lifestyle.  

The 2-year partnership is a pre-cursor to a new “Go Where the Yachts Go” marketing campaign, which will leverage key events like the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) in October and the Bermuda Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess, a sailing race that marks the start of SailGP’s one-million dollar winner-take-all professional sailing league.

“As Bermuda and Greater Fort Lauderdale engineer tourism recoveries, this kind of collaboration is particularly meaningful,” said The Hon. Premier David Burt of Bermuda, in a press statement. “It’s a fantastic example of two destinations finding greater success collaborating with one another rather than competing. I look forward to two years of exciting innovation as the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Visit Lauderdale bring this partnership to life.”

The two ideally located maritime destinations with non-competitive peak seasons (November through April for Greater Fort Lauderdale and May through October for Bermuda) will use the “Go Where the Yachts Go” theme to entice vessels leaving one destination to head to the other. Similarly, non-nautical visitors to each destination will be acquainted with the other; both seaside, luxury lifestyle destinations, but with distinctly different aesthetics.

“Combining the resources and reputations of both destinations makes financial and promotional sense during this time of tourism destination recovery,” said Steve Geller, mayor of Broward County and tourist development council chair, in a press statement. “A primary shared goal is to raise the profile of both destinations and attract a wide range of consumers who aspire to vacation in the same place as the yachting and sailing set.”

Plans are currently in progress to jointly host events for media, yacht owners, brokers and crews at FLIBS and other shows, while partnering on public relations and marketing initiatives. Combining efforts in this way gives both destination marketing organizations amplified reach and exposure, while spending less than they would have otherwise.

Yachting in Bermuda. (Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority.)

“Bermuda is synonymous with yachting, sailing and the luxury lifestyle and Greater Fort Lauderdale is known as the “Yachting Capital of the World,” so the cooperation of our two destinations serves to elevate both,” said Stacy Ritter, president and CEO of Visit Lauderdale, in a press statement. “With Bermuda firmly established with leisure travelers in the luxury lifestyle consumer segment, this affiliation helps in our branding as Greater Fort Lauderdale continues to build new luxury hotels, restaurants and retail. It’s a win-win for both destinations.”

For seafarers departing from or headed to Fort Lauderdale by yacht, Bermuda is an important port-of-call for vessels in transition to and from the Mediterranean.

“Attracting superyachts to Bermuda, as well as the kind of visitor who enjoys a chartered yacht vacation, are important National Tourism Plan objectives for our organization over the next few years,” said Glenn Jones, interim CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, in a press statement. “I’m optimistic this partnership with Visit Lauderdale helps us to reach our goals sooner and speed up the tourism recovery.  Simultaneously, the publicity we generate will make Bermuda relevant to countless more travelers attracted to our island lifestyle at a variety of price points.”

“Yachts shape the look, feel and personality of both Greater Fort Lauderdale and Bermuda,” said Bob Denison, president & founder of Denison YachtingVisit Lauderdale, based in Fort Lauderdale, in a press statement. “Partnering to promote the economic importance of the yachting industry and the picturesque setting it provides for visitors to both destinations makes total sense and we are onboard to support the initiative.”

For its portion of the joint campaign, Greater Fort Lauderdale will work with NBC Sports Network anchor Townsend Bell, who covers the annual FLIBS event for the network, to produce new video content featuring the area’s on-the-water lifestyle and laid-back luxury to enhance its existing destination content. Bermuda brings strong contacts to the partnership in the area of marine industry and luxury lifestyle marketing.

The two destinations will work with Marine Industries Association of South Florida and Informa Markets, the respective owner and operator of FLIBS, to build added presence for Greater Fort Lauderdale and Bermuda during the 2021 show, which takes place October 27-31, 2021 in Fort Lauderdale, as well as future boat show and other event opportunities.

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