Kennedy Space Center’s NASA Now Attraction: A Must-See for Space Fans

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Kennedy Space Center's NASA Now attraction. (Photo courtesy of Kennedy Space Center.)
Kennedy Space Center's NASA Now attraction. (Photo courtesy of Kennedy Space Center.)

Space fans won’t want to miss Kennedy Space Center’s NASA Now attraction, which allows guests to get an up-close look at the most recent vehicles to have traveled to space, as well as those that are planned for future visits, and those designed for further exploration and development.

NASA Now’s latest addition was a Boeing full-scale engineering model of its CST-100 Strainer crew vehicle. The Boeing Starliner mock-up offers visitors a glimpse inside America’s new crew capsule, and as of this fall visitors will be able to look inside to see how the spacecraft will be adapted to carry astronauts to and from the International Space Station starting in 2018.

NASA Now is located inside the IMAX Theatre and houses temporary displays of spacecraft on loan from NASA partners including Boeing and SpaceX. Other highlights at NASA Now include the Orion EFT-1, the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle designed to launch aboard SLS for deep space exploration; the COTS-2 Dragon, on loan from SpaceX, which has been to space and has visible scorch marks from the Dragon’s atmosphere reentry; a Pressure Vessel of Starliner, on loan from Boeing; a scale model of the Dream Chaser cargo vehicle, which will launch aboard ULA’s Atlas V rocket; a scale model of ULA’s Atlas V rocket, which will also launch Dream Chaser and CST-Starliner on their journey’s to the ISIS, and a Vector-R Rocket from Vector Space Systems.

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