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There are wild animals calling out in the distance, leaves brushing up against me, sand in my toes, waterfalls within earshot. I’m walking over a bridge, over rocks…. My walk has taken me along various settings—the jungle, meadow, desert, forest, the mountain, and my senses are all on high alert…well, except my vision because the cave I’m walking through is totally consumed in darkness. It’s pitch black, and the absence of human voices grows louder by the minute.

I am walking through the pitch black Xensatorium at Xenses by Xcaret Park in Cancun. When we were heading to the park, I swore I would not step foot into this attraction, but then I caved because, you know, peer pressure. It’s a bit terrifying, as you walk along your own path completely alone and not a sound to be heard, except the orchestrated ones. It’s nerve-wracking, walking barefoot through these different ecosystems hoping nothing unexpected bumps up against you or you don’t hit a wall, or you know, go into panic mode. When there’s a glimmer of light in the far distance, you snatch at it, because you’re done, ready to get out of the Xensatorium, but wow, what a rush while it lasts.

It’s got to be one of the coolest attractions I’ve ever experienced at any theme park—talk about an adrenaline rush. And that’s just one of the myriad attractions that will turn your world upside down. At its core, the park is hoping to get park-goers to really be aware of all of their senses—to amplify the senses.

Surprises await at every turn in Xenses.

There are two circuits in the park—one takes you through a picturesque Mexican town designed to off-balance visitors and where guests won’t know if they are walking up a hill, or climbing down; down a water slide; on a zipline; and along a lazy saltwater river and muddy canal (bring the swimsuits!).

The only way to get into the locker rooms is under the ladder (and notice the black cat). So do two superstitions cancel each other out?

The other circuit begins with the Xensatorium, and takes visitors along an underground labyrinth—don’t worry, there’s plenty of light. There are other surprises awaiting your clients, but we don’t want to ruin the thrills.

As part of the Xcaret collection, Xenses is one of many parks that Hotel Xcaret guests can access as part of their hotel rate. Although there are many options under the Xcaret umbrella, the Xenses park is like nothing your guests have seen before—it’s a must and one we highly recommend.

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