5 Must-See & Do Attractions in England

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While traveling through England from Cornwall to Bristol, I had the opportunity to visit some historical sites and a few attractions that really gave me a sense for the area and its history. Put these attractions on a “must-see” list for your clients headed to the UK.

5. Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain depict of what life was like for passengers in the 1800s.

The SS Great Britain in Bristol, is a complete immersive experience as guests step back to 1843 as a passenger on board the ship. The experience depicts scenes and anecdotes recreated from passenger diaries that were found. As guests wander around the ship they can lay in bunks, sit at the dining table, and check out the medics cabin.

The SS Brunel is undergoing an expansion that will include a 22-ft. high head of Brunel—the mastermind behind the 1843 ship—that guests will enter through the ear canal to “get inside Brunel’s head.” In this planetarium-style setting, guests will experience eight scenes from Brunel’s life through a 4.5-minute immersive experience. Next, guests will get to visit Brunel’s drawing office, and visit the new museum.

For more information, visit sssgreatbritain.org/brunelinstitute.

4. Bristol Street Art

Our street art tour guide showing us the results from one of the guest’s Banksy-Inspired artwork.

Through a 2-hour walking tour with Where the Wall, visitors learn about the city’s graffiti history. Bristol is known to have inspired the world’s most famous contemporary artist, Bansky. During the tour, guests get to take a dab at making their own Bansky original as they spray paint a canvas with a stencil from one of his paintings. Tours take place at 11 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information visit wherethewall.com.

3. Doc Martin Tour

Doc Martin’s office in the series is the smaller third structure from the right.

While visiting Port Isaac, suggest your clients take a Doc Martin tour. Doc Martin, a popular British comedy-drama series, is filmed right from Port Isaac. Tours are led by extras who have had a part in the filming and takes guests through many of the popular filming spots, including a stop in front of Doc Martin’s office. Even if your clients aren’t fans of the show, the tour gives them a sense for this quiet and quaint seaside town, while noting some of the popular hotspots for locals.

2. The Eden Project

The Eden Project allows guests to experience the rainforest and mediterranean atmospheres.

Giant biomes housing the largest rainforest in captivity are set over what were once huge craters. At the Eden Project, guests can wander through Mediterranean landscapes and a rainforest setting as they learn about the various plants, nuts, and crops growing. Guests can also take in an outdoor concert through the summer concert series, and year-round family events.

Suggest your guests take some time for lunch at the Mediterranean biome where they’ll feast on organic, responsibly-sourced dishes. There’s also a zipline, via Hangloose Adventure, for those adventurous types who would like a birds-eye view of Eden Project. For more information visit edenproject.com or hanglooseadventure.com.

1. Tintagel Castle

Views from Tingle Castle.

Tintagel Castle is believed to be where King Arthur was conceived with the help of Merlin, and its history is filled with medieval legends. Guests  walk through valleys, and then club 120 steps to reach the entrance of Tintagel Castle. Another 130 steps takes guests to what’s left of the castle ruins. Before reaching the castle ruins, there’s a small museum where guests can learn about the history of Tintagel Castle, before setting off to see its breath-taking views. english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/tintagel-castle/