England’s Cumbria Lake District

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Lake Windermere in England's Cumbria Lake District.
Lake Windermere in England’s Cumbria Lake District. (Photo courtesy of Deserae del Campo)

In the November issue, I wrote a first-hand review of Manchester, England. During my time in the destination, I also visited the Cumbria Lake District. Here’s a quick take-away from my day trip to this area of England.

Only an hour-and-a-half train ride north from Manchester is England’s beautiful Cumbria Lake District. Cruising Lake Windermere, the country’s longest lake, should be first on the list—tickets can be purchased at the docks and a scenic cruise can last for about 40 minutes. Tour companies also offer day-long, guided tours of the countryside. Mountain Goat Tour has a High Adventure itinerary around the Western Lake District, traveling over the District’s famous mountain passes considered the steepest in Great Britain. The tour also includes a train ride through the country and visiting the grounds of the 14th century Muncaster Castle.

For more information on England’s Lake District, visit golakes.co.uk.