Zicasso is inviting spicy food lovers to discover the origins of Sriracha on a new itinerary guiding them through Thailand and Vietnam.

The 15-Day The Sriracha Tour: A Culinary Journey to Thailand and Vietnam, will explore the origins of the spicy sauce, as well as other popular Thai and Vietnamese delicacies. From the southern beaches of Thailand to the northern forests of Vietnam, guests will travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Ho Chi Minh City for a culinary excursion that traces the flavorful evolutions of haute cuisine and distinct, locally preserved gastronomic practices.

Highlights of the itinerary include meeting with the family of the original creator of Sriracha sauce at the same workshop that has been producing the award-winning recipe since the 1930’s; learning how to make Sriracha from a local celebrity chef; dining in neighborhood restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide; tasting the most expensive coffee in the world harvested from wild weasels during a private coffee tasting in Hanoi; discovering local microbreweries in Bangkok and Hanoi; and visiting the Ben Xuan Garden for an elaborate multi-course dinner accompanied by a member of the former imperial family.

Rates for this tour begin at $3,675 pp dbl for eight days of four-star accommodations in Thailand and includes the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Travelers wishing to complete the full experience that includes Vietnam can extend their trip for an additional $2,720 pp dbl for eight days of four-star accommodations in Vietnam, including two flights within Vietnam. Tours, activities, and meals as mentioned in the itinerary are included. The flight from Thailand to Vietnam is also included for travelers purchasing the full itinerary that includes both countries.

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