Martinique Named as Safest Caribbean Destination

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Views of the Fort-de-France waterfront. (Photo Credit: Steve Bennett/
Views of the Fort-de-France waterfront. (Photo Credit: Steve Bennett/

Martinique has once again been named as the “Safest Destination in the Caribbean,” according to the 2016 Caribbean Tourism Quality Index, which is produced by Resonance Consultancy.

“It is the warmth and welcoming spirit of the Martinican people and the steadfast dedication of our local authorities that keeps us at the top for travel safety,” says Muriel Wiltord, director, Americas for the Martinique Promotion Bureau, in press materials. “Our recent strong run of awards, honors, and this top safety ranking validate Martinique’s continued emergence as the new ‘it’ destination in the Caribbean for U.S. travelers,” she adds.

Resonance Consultancy measures tourism’s supply-side performance and competitiveness in 28 destinations across the Caribbean. This award marks the second time in recent years that Martinique has received this recognition—the previous one was awarded in 2011 by an International Business Times study. For more information, visit To become a Martinique Specialist, visit edu.recommend/martinique.