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Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, 2020, an event celebrated around the world that advocates for a healthy, sustainable environment, and while this year we may be confined to our homes, there are still several ways we can celebrate our incredible Earth, and Fiji is offering help.

Here are five activities you can do at home to celebrate Earth Day this year with Fiji:

Get ‘Sea Turtle Ecology’ Certified from Your Living Room with Volivoli Beach Resort

This dive resort is offering a digital Sea Turtle Ecology course will a full certification that guests can undertake from the comfort of their homes. Designed for kids, adults, and everyone in between, participants will learn about the different types of sea turtles, how to identify each species, how far they date back (some over 100 million years), their mating and breeding patterns, swimming and migrating patterns, environmental threats, and current conservation measures. You’ll be a total turtle pro by the time you can visit them in person on your next trip to Fiji.

Adopt a Manta with Kokomo Private Island

Kokomo’s Adopt a Manta program offers guests the opportunity to adopt a manta ray through the Manta Trust, an initiative that protects manta rays in the waters surrounding the private island resort. Manta parents will receive regular updates on their manta’s progress, where they have been sighted, and news from the resort’s ongoing research. Led by the island’s Resident Marine Biologists Viviana Taubera and Cliona O’Flaherty, Kokomo’s Manta Conservation Project, the first of its kind in Fiji, aims to monitor, protect, and conserve manta rays as best as possible in the waters of Fiji. 

Tune into Turtle Island Resort’s Turtle Talks

The spirit of Turtle Island Resort is centered around doing ‘global good’, operating sustainably, and by name, turtle conservation. In addition to their turtle conservation program where they tag and release them in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, the resort has created, “Turtle Talks,” a series of global conversations to accelerate positive change in the world. The inaugural series of 12 episodes imagines a clean energy future, a world in which our power is harvested from renewable sources of energy, a world in which pollution and its health effects are eliminated, and a world in which humans live in balance on the planet.

Adopt a Shark with Beqa Adventure Divers

Shark enthusiasts have the incredible opportunity to adopt a Fiji shark: one with a name, personality and tracking history. Beqa Adventure Divers created ‘My Fiji Shark’ conservation initiative, with support from the United Nations Development Program, to offer a shark adoption that raises funds to support conservation efforts and ongoing research. The sharks up for adoption are consistent visitors to the Shark Reef Marine Reserve where there are over 200 individually named sharks. By adopting a Fijian shark, you will not only learn about your shark’s travels and behavior, but you will become a vital part of the ongoing support and advocacy for these misunderstood animals. And when your clients return to Fiji next, they’ll have the chance to dive with these incredible friends through the famous Shark Dive with Beqa Adventure Divers.

Become a Marine Biologist at Home with Six Senses’ Junior Marine Biology Program

As part of the ‘At Home with Six Senses’ brand-wide initiative, Six Senses Fiji, along with the other hotels around the globe, will be offering a range of virtual tutorials and lessons focusing on ways people can continue to care for themselves during this time. One of the main sectors of the program is “Live Naturally,” which includes virtual eco-friendly activities inspired by the brand’s on-site Earth Labs and offers life hacks to try at home to live more sustainably. The first program launched is a Junior Marine Biology Course led by Six Senses Laamu’s team of on-property marine biologists. The interactive course includes at-home worksheets, assignments, coloring projects, and more.

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