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Luxury safari company andBeyond has expanded its footprint in Kenya to encompass the more than 44,000-acre Suyian Conservancy thanks to its new partnership with global conservancy charity Space for Giants. The long-term lease gives the tour company exclusive access, making it the only luxury lodge and tented camp operator in the area.

“Our expansion into Laikipia is the culmination of a long-held desire to increase our impact and lodge operating footprint in Kenya,” said Joss Kent, andBeyond CEO and executive chairman, in a press statement. “Laikipia is a prime wilderness area that is home to a greater population of wildlife than anywhere else in Kenya outside of the Masai Mara. This includes a large number of globally threatened mammals that make it particularly important from a conservation perspective. Representing a critical piece of the Kenyan circuit, it not only offers a world-class game experience but also aligns with many of our ambitious impact objectives in terms of securing and protecting endangered wildlife and habitat ecosystems, as well as enabling conservation through empowered communities.”

“In Suyian Conservancy and Space for Giants we have found the perfect partnership through which to bring our dream to reality. We are totally aligned in our goals to create one of the finest conservancy and lodge operations in Kenya and, indeed, Africa.”

Future Plans for andBeyond

The company has plans to build luxurious accommodations, including a lodge, tented camp and sky beds and set up a mobile camping experience in the area. The Suyian Lodge is expected to open in 2025.

Clients who have never experienced a safari as well as those who have can expect an unforgettable experience at Suyian Conservancy far from the crowds that are usual in other parts of East Africa. The unfenced habitat is part of the Laikipia-Ewaso ecosystem, which is extraordinarily rich in its diversity of large mammals—55 in all. These include elephants, wild dogs, reticulated giraffes, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, lion, leopard, cheetah and over 260 bird species. The area is part of more than 200,000 acres of privately managed land with a focus on conservation, which fits in with andBeyond’s ethos.

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