Do you have a particularly important client who has put a halt on travel for now, but you want to stay in touch with?

Gifts for the Good Life is a gifting company that has created kits with the current challenges kept in mind.

This female-owned, and family-run creative agency expertly curates kits and mailers that incorporate useful tools, practical luxuries and innovative storytelling through custom packing.

There is the Stay Well kit that includes everyday self-care items like a custom tea blend, honey sticks, immune boosters, and comfy socks, or the On-the-Go kit that includes a travel humidifier, collapsible water bottle, and all-purpose wipes, and a Safe Travel kit includes a charger, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizing spray.

The Home/Work kit was created with helping staff transition from working in an office to working from home in mind. As so many continue to work from home, with no end in sight, this is a perfect surprise to send to a client. Inspiring items in the kit include motto pencils, live air plants, and a custom pad and door tag.

When sending a client a gift, there is no need to break the bank. Make it something thoughtful, related to you and your company, and useful. Every time your client plugs in the travel humidifier you sent as part of the On-the-Go kit for example, they will think of you. That type of recognition will go a long way, especially in these perilous times. Best of all, your client will feel connected to you and your agency, and valued, and what is better than that?

For more information, go to giftsforthegoodlife.