SeaDream Yacht Club restarted sailing in late June 2021 with SeaDream I yachting the scenic fjords and coastal Norway, and SeaDream II calling on ports throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea.

This week marks a momentous occassion as SeaDream II is the first cruise vessel to visit several ports on the Black Sea since the pandemic began. On Sept. 24 guests spent a day on the Turkish island of Bozcaada—SeaDream being the first cruise vessel to the island since the pandemic. On Sept. 26, SeaDream was greeted in Burgas, Bulgaria where they have not welcomed a cruise vessel in more than three years. Other “first-time since the pandemic” Black Sea ports include Constanta, Romania; Odessa, Ukraine and Varna, Bulgaria.

“It’s exciting for our guests to experience new, unique destinations, and these regions are pleased to see tourism returning,” said Emilio Freeman v.p., itineraries & destinations at SeaDream, in a press statement. 

On Oct. 2, SeaDream II has a turnaround in Istanbul, Turkey. Again, SeaDream is the first cruise vessel to arrive in Istanbul since the pandemic, and the first to utilize the brand-new port, Galataport Istanbul. Galataport is $1.7 billion project and the first in the world of its kind, a 312,153 sq. ft. terminal built underground.

Since resuming voyages this summer, SeaDream Yacht Club’s 56-stateroom twin mega-yachts SeaDream I & SeaDream II have called on intimate and iconic ports in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Spain. The desire to travel without crowds has inspired past guests and new travelers alike, to sail with SeaDream. SeaDream’s design features abundant open deck spaces, and a long-standing tradition of dining on deck offers beautiful views.

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