Israel Celebrates 65 Years of Independence

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Israel Celebrates

The State of Israel turns 65 this month.

This is a momentous event, so it’s time to celebrate, and Israel is doing just that by commemorating the occasion with outdoor festivals, street fairs and cultural events, all complemented by families picnicking throughout the country. The celebrations begin with the end of Yom Hazikaron—the Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars—and the highlight of the festivities is the main ceremony held in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, the site of Israel’s national ceremony.

We wanted to be part of the celebration, too, of course, so in a joint venture with the Israel Ministry of Tourism we’ve put together the Portrait of Israel, which illustrates in a visual context, all of the elements that make Israel one of the hippest and must-see destinations in the world.

The photo essay is a snapshot of Israel’s many faces, from the ancient to the contemporary. Leaf through it and you’ll see the unique qualities that make Israel an unforgettable place to visit, whether it’s the Gospel Trail that follows in Jesus’ footsteps; the desert music festivals showcasing musicians from around the world; its natural spa, the Dead Sea; its myriad of markets selling everything from organic products to antique treasures; its cultural highs in the form of design-centric museums that are home to inimitable works of art; its award-winning kosher wines, or its trendy shops, shoreline fun and green-lined landscapes.

In Israel, the historic, the traditional, the hip, the cool & funky meld together to create a dazzling land that welcomes visitors of all stripes with open arms.

Lorri Robbins

Terence K. Murphy

Paloma Villaverde de Rico

Deserae del Campo

Janet Del Mastro

Israel Celebrates

Israel Celebrates