Recommend, in partnership with the Family Travel Association, is proud to present the Travel Advisors Speak to Family Travel Trends—the first-ever survey of its kind. We’re asking travel advisors to speak on family travel, a growing and important segment in the travel industry.

We want to know from you what your family client’s booking habits are; where they are traveling to, both domestically and internationally; and what inspires them to travel. Are you booking family travel for LGBT clients, clients with children who have special needs or single parent families? Do any of your family clients have a 5-year plan, how much of an influence do children have on the vacation-making process, and where does social media fall in the decision-making?

We’d also like to know why you believe family clients come to you to book travel? Is it because you offer the best prices, provide expert advice, or is it because the information clients are finding on the web is overwhelming? You tell us, because we want to hear it from those in the frontline.

As a special thank you for taking the time to full out the survey, one (1) of five (5) travel advisors will receive $50 gift certificates to Amazon.

We will release the results of the survey on March 28, 2019. We will also be conducting a webinar based on the results with the Family Travel Association and Travel Advisors who are experts in Family Travel on March 28, 2019 at 1 pm EST.

To get started on the survey, visit