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Chile’s Ministry of Health has updated its entry requirements for foreign travelers. Fully vaccinated foreign travelers can enter Chile if they adhere to three requirements: complete an online “travel affidavit” prior to arrival, show proof of insurance to cover Covid-19 related medical care during their stay and agree to random Covid-19 testing at their port of entry.

Updated Entry Requirements

  • The “travel affidavit”, which asks for contact details and information pertaining to travelers’ health and recent travel destinations, must be completed online up to 48 hours before entry. 
  • Chilean officials will test travelers for Covid-19 at random at ports of entry. Those who test positive will need to be isolated in accordance with general health regulations. 
  • Travelers must also show proof of insurance with Covid-19 health coverage. 

Mobility Passes

Foreigners who have been vaccinated abroad will also need to have their vaccination validated by the Chilean authorities in order to receive a Mobility Pass. The Mobility Pass makes movement easier within Chile and is required for entrance to hotels, restaurants, theaters and to use public transport. Travelers can apply for mobility passes online and applications will be approved or rejected within 48 business hours of submission. If no response is received within that time, a Temporary Mobility Pass, valid for 96 hours, will be issued. If visitors enter the country with the temporary pass and after its expiration receive a message that their original application was rejected, they can take a PCR test that can be used as a replacement for the mobility pass.   

Santiago, Iquique, Antofagasta and Punta Arenas are designated entry points for foreign air travelers. Visitors may also enter Chile through land borders at Paso Rio Don Guillermo, Paso Futaleufú, Paso Huemules, Paso Jeinimeni, Paso Monte Aymond and Paso Los Libertadores.

Although it is not required, the Ministry of Health strongly recommends that visitors get a Covid-19 test before they enter the country. Chile is currently at Alert Level 1, the lowest alert level in its 3-level Protected Borders Plan. 

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