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Contiki has announced a new rewards program following the launch of its new e-learning platform, ContikiU.

The rewards are available to agents who make a specific number of bookings after completing the ContikiU learning path, which includes an introduction to what Contiki has to offer as a tour operator, along with modules on Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Agents who book three guests will earn a Contiki travel kit, those who book five guests will earn a $150 Amazon gift card, and those who book seven passengers will earn a Contiki backpack filled with gifts. Agents who make a booking of 10 guests can earn a free Contiki trip up to a value of $2,000 or a $1,000 sister brand travel voucher; while bookings of 15 guests will earn a trip with a value up to $2,500 or a $1,250 sister brand voucher. Bookings of up to 20 guests will earn a $3,000 value trip or $2,000 sister brand voucher.

This offer is available between now and December 2017. For more information, visit or