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Sunny Land Tours is offering several opportunities to explore the Galapagos. During the 7-day FAM Quito & Galapagos there will be a city tour featuring architectural monuments, la Basilica church, Independence Square, and the Presidential Palace. Next up is a drive up to the Middle of the World City, where the monument that divides the Northern from the Southern Hemisphere is located. Rates start at $949 and there are daily departures throughout the year.

Discover Galapagos Highlands is eight days and $1,699 with various departures throughout the year. This FAM includes visits to Quito, Middle of the World, Santa Cruz island, and all meals.

Explore Galapagos Paradise is eight days and is $1,599 with various departures throughout the year and includes visits to Quito and the islands. Snorkeling equipment, a naturalist guide and meals are also included.

Galapagos Seaman Journey is seven days and $2,499. Locations visited include Quito and the islands. This journey includes a three-night Galapagos cruise, a three-night stay in Ecuador, and all guided shore excursion.

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