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Explora Journeys has announced an update to the coming into service schedule for its first vessel, EXPLORA I. The ship’s maiden journey will now leave from Southampton, UK, on July 17, 2023.

Explora Journeys Responds to New Voyage Dates

Guests have been offered a full refund as well as a full booking value offered as an FJC (Future Journey Credit). Travel agencies and advisors will have the full value of their commission protected already paid on the original booked journey and will receive their commission on the FJC value booked.

“From day one, our vision and purpose has been to create a travel and ocean experience like no other,” said Michael Ungerer, CEO, Explora Journeys, in a press statement. “This must be truer than ever with the launch of our brand’s first new and ground-breaking class of ships, EXPLORA I. To achieve this, we are working with one of the world’s foremost ship and super yacht builders to create the best luxury hospitality brand and experience.

“However, taking into consideration the challenging situation facing the world today including global supply chain complications we have had to take the difficult decision, agreed with the shipyard, Fincantieri, to update our ship’s coming into service schedule. The additional time at the shipyard and at sea prior to her first journey will be utilized to ensure that EXPLORA I can and will deliver to the fullest on our brand’s promise and vision—making absolutely no compromise on quality and luxury, our primary objective.”

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