Small Luxury Hotels of the World has teamed up with Japan National Tourism Organization and local partners to launch several packages that allow visitors to this Asian country the opportunity to immerse themselves in this fascinating destination through its cuisine, nature, history and culture. Running through March 2018, the packages last between two and five days, opening the door to prestige activities, complemented by an SLH hotel stay.

A 3-day package takes place March 5-7, 2018 and includes reservation for two people to witness the “Shunie” festival, at the historic Todaiji Temple in the ancient city of Nara. A 49-ft. bronze Daibutsu (Great Buddha), cast in 749 and the largest in the world, awaits as well as the experience of Otaimatsu, which sees priests run along the corridors showering visitors with fire sparks from huge pine torches, believed to protect from evil. Guests will enjoy a sumptuous kaiseki dinner at Nara’s 3-star Michelin restaurant Wa Yamamura, coupled with a 2-night stay in the luxurious suite at Noborioji Nara. Prices are approx. US$1,210 dbl.

Sankara Resort & Spa
Sankara Resort & Spa on Yakushima Island.

A 5-day package is available until March 16, 2018 and takes guests to on Yakushima Island, a subtropical paradise off the Southern coast of Kyushu. The island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1993 and visitors can explore the ancient rainforest with a guided trek among the 7,000-year-old cryptomeria trees, discover waterfalls and regenerate in a Power Spot, believed to give visitors healing energy. A villa at the Sankara Hotel & Spa provides the perfect place to complement this get-away-from-it-all experience, complete with butler, world-class spa and ocean views. Guests can opt for private yoga classes, sea kayaking and diving, or attend craft workshops to make their own bath salts, chopsticks or ceramics. Prices from approx. US$7,120 dbl.

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