Avoya Launches New Agency Dashboard

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Avoya Travel Agency Dashboard
The Avoya Agency Dashboard will bring new insights to Independent Agency owners all on one new interface.

Avoya Travel  has created and launched the Avoya Agency Dashboard to give Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network insights into their agencies’ performance that were never available before.

Avoya’s Agency Dashboard automates complex reports that bring data into a single interface—the Dashboard—that is integrated into Agent Power, Avoya’s Independent Agency Operating System. Through the Agency Dashboard, Independent Agencies now have direct, daily access to better and more easy-to-understand metrics that can help with running a successful business, growing sales, and servicing clients.

Like a dashboard in a car or airplane that provides crucial information as to where you are, where you’re going, how fast or slowly, and the condition of your engine, Avoya Travel’s innovative Agency Dashboard does the same for Independent Agencies in the Avoya Travel Network and their success as business owners,” said Jeff Anderson, executive v.p. of Avoya Travel, in press materials.

Avoya’s Agency Dashboard includes reports and charts in one place that give Independent Agency owners deeper visibility into their agency’s performance. It also gives individual agent performance metrics, allowing Independent Agency owners to track the success of their own agents, as well as the overall business. Using new front-end technology, Avoya’s Agency Dashboard is also fully responsive and reactive so it responds to user input with immediate feedback without page reloads or pauses. It is a prototype for the company’s new front-end technology moving forward and is already being integrated on Avoya’s consumer website.

For more information, visit joinavoya.com. To read about Avoya’s other plans for the future including the Avoya 2025 plan, click here.