A Conversation with Delta Vacations’ New President

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In mid-2021, the release rolled in—Kama Winters had been appointed Delta Vacations’ new president. We let her settle into her new role, and then sat down with her earlier this year to chat about her new responsibilities and what impact the pandemic has had on her leadership style.

“It is certainly a unique time to join any new role,” Winters tells Recommend. “For me, I really can’t think of a better, more impactful time to join. It’s such an interesting dichotomy…you really are able to learn a lot during a crisis. There are probably things I wouldn’t have thought to ask out of the gate if business were kind of running as usual. It’s certainly a different perspective on the business.”

She points out that given the crisis the travel & tourism industry has been facing over the last couple of years, and its impact on organizations such as Delta Vacations, it’s provided an amazing learning opportunity.

“It’s given us a nice perspective on new areas of investment that we can look at going forward and how to think differently in engaging our customers such that we can be more nimble in the future if unexpected circumstances should arise.”

Winters chatted with us about the opportunities this crisis has provided as well as how important travel advisors are for the growth of Delta Vacations. As she noted in the interview, “Travel advisors are truly an extension of our own team and I think that is so critical…. They are giving us feedback and we are taking that to heart and acting upon it as quickly as possible…. I can’t say enough how much we’ve appreciated their support.”

For the full interview, make sure to check out the Industry Insights column in the soon-to-be-released March issue.