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Sultry Malta and cool Iceland are hot ticket items for those seeking out a singular European vacation. They are making all the right “must-visit NOW” lists, and they cater to everyone from adventure hounds to wellness aficionados.

Cool Iceland
“We have seen a huge rise with requests to this fabled Isle. This year we’ve booked 20 percent more compared to previous years we’ve booked,” notes Amber Shearer, director of Private Travel for Travcoa. “Iceland is safe, peaceful and clean. It is remote, unspoiled, and having a sparse population, most residing in the capital city of Reykjavik, it’s not overcrowded and has a lovely balance of Old World and modern charm. It’s a beautiful geological creature that has changed very little over time due to its isolation. The language spoken is the closest to what the Vikings spoke…. Above all else, the folklore is outstanding, mystical, and creates a fantastical element to time spent in this small but amazing country.”

Travcoa offers several departures to Iceland, and, as Shearer points out, the company offers “customized tailor-made travel packages year-round, therefore we have no limitations. We happily meet the demand at any point in time.” The tour operator’s itineraries include the 4-day Fireworks in the Fjords: Iceland (starting at $4,795) that features viewing the majestic Northern Lights, and the 11-day Lands of the Midnight Sun tour, checking out Reykjavik, Golden Circle, Akureyri, Lake Myvatn and the Thorsmork Valley (rates start at $11,990).

Sultry Malta
“Just 58 miles off the coast of Italy, Malta boasts spectacular beauty, style, gastronomy, and the ultimate place to unwind. It’s an eclectic blend of Mediterranean, British and Arabic cultures, with breathtaking beauty,” exclaims Carol Dimopoulos, president of Perillo’s Learning Journeys. “Malta is truly the jewel of the Mediterranean. Some of the highlights include safety, easy driving distances, an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere with warm and friendly people (many of whom speak English), amazing food and the overall sense of peace you feel when you travel there.”

Perillo’s Learning Journeys offers an 8-day Mystical Malta tour that visits Gozo, Mdina and Valetta, and focuses on wellness, food and wine with hands-on cooking classes, yoga, and art workshops.

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