Luxury Travel Trends Survey

Recommend is proud to present the Luxury Travel Trends Survey. We are asking travel advisors to speak on luxury travel, one of the most important segments in the travel industry. We will release the results of the survey in conjunction with a webinar that will feature travel advisors who specialize in this market segment on October 28, 2021.

1. With the Delta Variant surging across the U.S., what is your current state of mind when it comes to the travel industry?(Required)
2. In terms of current luxury bookings, they are:(Required)
3. In terms of luxury bookings for 2022, they are:(Required)
4. Of your clients booking luxury vacations for the next few months/early 2022, what’s the predominant age group?(Required)
5. With whom are your luxury clients vacationing?(Required)
6. Which most accurately describes the type of luxury bookings you are currently working on for travel into the next few months/into 2022:(Required)
7. What kind of vacation are your luxury clients most booking?(Required)
8. What do you believe will be essential must-haves for your clients while on a luxury vacation in this new travel landscape?(Required)
9. Which country/region of the world are your luxury clients most asking about when it comes to future bookings?(Required)
10. When it comes to cruise bookings, which is your client most requesting?(Required)
11. For your luxury clients, what is top of mind when booking their vacation?(Required)
12. Have your luxury travel bookings seen an upsurge in private air travel?(Required)
13. Have your luxury travel bookings seen an upsurge in private villa accommodations?(Required)
14. Are your clients buying more travel insurance now than pre-pandemic?(Required)
15. Is there now a shorter booking window for clients planning a luxury vacation than there was pre-pandemic?(Required)
16. Is Space Travel on your luxury clients’ minds?(Required)

Your contact information is required to verify your qualification only and will not be shared.
One entry per travel advisor.

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