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A recent story we wrote, “Create Space for Unforgettable Memories,” that featured the favorite travel memories of our staff was exceptionally well-received. One of our beloved readers, Sandy Biback, founder of Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking, reached out to share a few of her own vacation highlights.

“I loved the story about Cuba,” she said. “My first trip there was over 45 years ago, and Havana was a very different place back then. No photos allowed. “So many of the places Ali talked about I’ve been to.”

Two other cities that resonate with her are London and Paris. “My first and only trip to London was mid-1980’s when I worked for the Canadian Booksellers Association and was sent to London, Cambridge, and Oxford to check out bookstores. Oh, I loved every moment.”

The City of Lights has a special place in Biback’s heart. “Paris, well, I could go on and on and on. With any luck, I’ll be back there for a few days on my own in September before I head to Porto Portugal for a river cruise along the Douro and Wine Country and finish in Madrid,” she adds.

Victor Diaz-Herman’s story about his trips to Venice and the Dalmation Coast to Croatia and Montenegro also resonated with Biback. “Did that trip a few years ago on a Ponant/Tauck cruise with our youngest daughter.  Had been to Venice once before and, of course, loved it.  Croatia-Havr, Dubrovnik, and so much more.  I remember a winery in the hills of Montenegro-what a glorious day!”

Andrea Doyle’s stories about Italy and Greece also inspired Biback. “I remember seeing The David for the first time. I escaped the maddening crowd, and I cried. I’d just been to Rodin Musee in Paris and all of a sudden it hit me. Rodin modeled much of his work on The David,” she said. “And in Assisi, I remember looking down on the olive trees and just being at peace.”

She also reminiscences about Greece. “For me, it was about Rhodes and watching the kids climb on ancient ruins. And my birthday party in the hills by Delphi, the party ended up being in the town square and went on and on,” she enthuses.

Our story about Luang Prabang gives Biback hope. “I was scheduled on an all women’s trip there in November this year, then onto Vietnam and Cambodia.  I’ve been to Vietnam & Cambodia before.  Anyway, this trip has been moved to Nov 2021 now.  I was so looking forward to getting back to that part of the world.  You do know that’s where MPAHT all started for me.”

Travel inspires most, Biback included. “This article truly made me understand how fortunate I am to have traveled and seen so much of our world, in all its glory and horrors.”

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