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Kensington Tours has shared the results of its Luxury Travelers Survey conducted with Opinium Research, which focused on the behaviors and inclinations of affluent travelers.  Among the top insights from 400 adults, each from households earning over $250,000 and having experienced luxury trips worth at least $10,000 in the past five years, revealed that these affluent travelers are inclined to pay extra for exclusive benefits, such as insider access to destinations, no waiting in lines, and a seamless travel experience.

Check out the following key findings from the survey:

Luxury Travelers Crave Seamless Travel and Are Willing to Pay For It

Photo by Oliver Ssjostrom/Unsplash.

Considering that two thirds (66 percent) of luxury travelers report having felt frustrated due to waiting in too long of lines while traveling, it’s no surprise that nearly 7 in 10 luxury travelers (68 percent) report that they are willing to pay a premium for the ability to skip lines, avoid crowds, and experience private tours.

Other offerings that luxury travelers would pay a premium for include personalized, bespoke trips tailored to their wants and needs (66 percent), one-stop planning (62 percent), and insider access to exclusive events (56 percent).

Respondents also reported that their travel experiences would be somewhat or greatly enhanced by offerings typically provided by a luxury tour operator, such as access to popular attractions with no wait times (81 percent), privately guided tours without the crowds (78 percent), access to exclusive, world-renowned events (74 percent), and access to insider experiences not traditionally available to the general public (72 percent).

Photo by Anna Demianenko/Unsplash.

Other findings included:

  1. Luxury travelers take more trips, and they are longer:  A significant portion of luxury travelers (38 percent) report taking 3-5 trips annually, while 28 percent take 6-10 trips, and a notable 14 percent embark on more than ten trips each year.
  2. They turn to a travel professional: Demonstrating the recognition among well-off travelers of the benefits of collaborating with luxury travel professionals, 72 percent of survey participants expressed their intention to enlist the services of travel experts for their upcoming vacation planning.
  3. Intergenerational Travel continues to remain a priority: The popularity of multi-generational travel experienced a significant boost in the wake of the pandemic and continues to thrive.
  4. Been there; done that; affluent travelers want to see something new: A significant number of respondents—89 percent—plan to explore new destinations in 2024 with Switzerland, Norway, and Portugal named as top destinations.
  5. Travel Pain Points: The most prevalent challenges and pain points include locating appropriate accommodations, steering clear of tourist traps, and coordinating activities.
  6. More space, increased privacy, and added exclusivity are in high demand: More than 50 percent expressed interest in distinctive experiences such as luxurious villa stays featuring in-house amenities and private yacht expeditions.

The survey also queried respondents about their awareness and perceptions of Kensington Tours. Among those familiar with Kensington Tours, it distinguished itself from its competitors by tying for the highest perceived quality rating with 77 percent of respondents ranking it with an above average perceived quality, the largest percentage granted to any tour operator in the survey.

New programs from Kensington include Beyond Villas by Kensington Tours, a private villa portfolio geared towards travelers who seek the ultimate privacy in the form of a luxury villa paired with tailor-made itineraries; Kensington Yachts to identify the perfect vessel matched with unique land experiences, luxury transfers, hotel and villa stays, and private jet and helicopter transfers; and Voyages by Kensington Tours that seamlessly pairs the client’s cruise of choice with pre- and post-cruise experiences including the launch of exclusive private guided shore excursions that are privately guided and fully customized.

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