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Discover exotic Mongolia on Travel All Mongolia’s 11-day FAM, with departure dates throughout the year.

The FAM explores southern and central Mongolia, with travelers experiencing life as a nomad when they stay in traditional ger camps and spend time with local families. There are visits to the Gobi Desert to view its massive sand dunes; to Karakorum, site of the ancient monasteries and location of the ancient Mongol Empire’s capital; the capital city of Ulaanbaatar; the Gandan Monastery; and Hustai National Park.

You’ll learn about archaeological expeditions in the south, how an empire was built and how Mongolia’s people have lived off the vastness of this landscape for centuries. There’s also a cultural show in the capital city and the opportunity to view petroglyphs.

Departure Dates for Mongolia FAM

2023 departure dates: May 15-25; May 20-30; June 1-10; Aug. 25-Sept. 4; Sept. 1-11. Dates June 11-22 and Aug. 14-25 include a private mini-Naadam (a national sports festival).

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